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There are many ways for organisations to improve, and we have assisted hundreds of organisations to do this through adoption of ISO Standards and other techniques, including:


This is a technique originally developed in Japan, and can be used by any organisation to improve their organisation and efficiency. We have assisted several clients to implement 5S, and improvements include: improved layout, less clutter, everything has ‘a home’, unnecessary items removed, improved ergonomics, better layout and visual appearance, and a safer environment.

Business Continuity Planning (BS 25999)

See the article included on the ISO 27001 page.

Aerospace Quality Management System (AS 9100)

This is a more demanding version of ISO 9001 applicable to organisations supplying or intending to supply to the aerospace industry. Additional requirements include: Risk Management, Foreign Object Damage (FOD), Configuration Management and First Article.

ISO 17025 Testing & Calibration Laboratories

This is an extremely complex and demanding standard, and our own particular experience is in the field of forensic testing. We are one of the few UK consultants to have completed a UKAS training course.

Process Analysis & Performance

There are techniques which can be applied to empower your employees to improve organisation, efficiency and communication. Every organisation has ‘internal customers’ and they cannot do their job efficiently if ‘internal suppliers’ fail to understand or ignore their needs, e.g. timely supply of information, correct sequencing of tasks, materials presented in the required way, correct communication etc. ISO 9001 demands that organisations set measurable and targeted objectives – if you get these right, it is a definite help to monitor and drive improvement in your organisation.

Internal Auditing

This is a requirement of several ISO standards including: 9001, 14001, OHSAS 18001 and 27001. If conducted correctly auditing helps to identify weaknesses within the management system and/or the need to improve. It often identifies situations when employees are ignoring procedure/methods or have unwittingly changed the process; ignoring simple procedural steps can obviously have dire consequences in some cases. The audit process should identify the root cause of the problem, and determine corrective action to eliminate the root cause. Conducting an internal audit programme correctly requires trained and skilled auditors, and this is a time-consuming and unwelcome activity for many organisations. One of our fully-experienced consultants can plan, organise and conduct your audit programme at very reasonable rates, leaving your own valuable employees free to get on with running the business. Some of our clients require more frequent assistance in the form of a ‘Part-Time Quality Manager’ attending on a 1 day a week or less frequent basis, helping with auditing, system updating, calibration, administration etc. Please call on 01782 660650 or email or complete the Quick Contact Form.

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